This week's featured recipe....

Easy, delicious Veggie Stir-Fry!

I mean really, who doesn’t LOVE… stir fry!🥘

This stir-fry is FAST & easy-to-make and… can be made using any of your favorite veggies!😁

Make some rice, chop up some veg, whip up the sauce, quick saute and… EAT! 😋

And… besides being DELICIOUS… this stir fry is WAY lower in fat & calories than most traditional versions AND… it’s packed with health-promoting nutrients & FIBER… bonus!

Don’t over-complicate it y’all, healthy eating is easy and… DELICIOUS! 😋

📢 All of the recipes I share with you are PLANT-BASED and use LITTLE/NO oil and LITTLE/NO added sugar.

AND…. I KNOW these dishes are easy and tasty because… I make each one before recommending it to you.


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