Hi, I'm Tannika.

(but my friends call me “T”)

At the age of 48, I became a health and fitness coach. It took some time, but I finally figured it out what works!   


I started getting really into health and fitness in 2005. At the age of 35, I wanted to figure out how to finally lose the extra weight I’d accumulated and KEEP IT OFF! And… I wanted to get in-shape to keep up with my super-fit brother on his backpacking trips in the mountains.  

I constantly read books and tons of info online and in magazines, and watched videos on “how to” get fit, eat healthy and stop my unhealthy habits (e.g., binge eating peanut butter!). I experimented on myself, trying various forms of exercise and different diets/eating styles, and practicing the latest “10 steps to…”. The more I learned, the healthier I got, the more I thought about changing my career.    

At the time, I was a biologist. I really enjoyed helping protect wildlife and the environment but I realized I am PASSIONATE about… helping people get healthy. 


More than fifteen years after starting (and continuing) down the health and fitness path… there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than sharing my knowledge and experience to help women eat better, exercise smarter so they can… lose weight, build a healthy lifestyle and… be the BEST versions of themselves.

*I also like to travel. Check out Letting Life Happen to read about my travels  around our wonderful world.