It's a lifestyle, NOT a diet!

I get it… 

Losing weight can feel hard.

You find a new diet or workout program and you get… PUMPED. 

You do great following the plan for the first week or so. But then, you get tired of being hungry… ALL the time and you can’t stay motivated to do the workouts. So… this new program gets stashed into the drawer (along with the others). 

Why does this keep happening? 


It’s NOT your fault…

Diets don’t work, and motivation can be… fleeting!

It’s not enough to diet and exercise for only a few weeks or even months if you want long-term success. You must develop healthy habits that become… a way of life.


I got you!

I developed my 12-Week Program to help women over 40 (or over 50 like me) learn how to make healthy eating and exercise part of their lifestyle so they can… lose weight and keep it off… and feel great!

"Before starting the 12-Week Program, I’d lost the energy I used to have. Now I'm walking and exercising regularly and… I’ve LOST OVER 20 lbs. and many inches off of my body! Tannika encourages me and keeps me accountable, and has shown me how to incorporate healthy food into my life that is DELICIOUS and EASY-to-MAKE!"
Carolyn D.

Healthy Eating

Eat better, not less.


Exercise smarter, not harder.


Feel supported, stay motivated.

"I’ve tried many other programs over the years and lost ZERO weight. During Tannika's 12-Week Program, I lost 20 lbs. and 8.5 inches from my belly! And I have less joint pain, feel stronger and... I no longer need insulin to manage my type 2 diabetes! This program makes it easy to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight!!
Saundra B.

Want more info?

Learn how to eat better, NOT less, and exercise smarter, NOT harder, to lose weight and… build a healthy lifestyle.