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Designed for self-motivated individuals who are looking for SHORT workouts to do AT-HOME to spike their METABOLISM, burn MORE calories in LESS time, and LOSE weight!


Membership Benefits:

  • ✔️ Unlimited access to all of my 4-week workout programs - 18 different programs and counting!  Each workout is 30 MINUTES OR LESS, including warm up and cool down. After finishing a program, repeat it or start a new one, or... if you want to mix things up, jump around between programs!

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  • ✔️ New programs added regularly.
  • ✔️ Automatic renewal. Your reoccurring subscription will renew every 4 weeks automatically. No interruptions!
  • ✔️ Anytime cancelation. [*PLEASE NOTE: Upon canceling, your access to the Plan and the workouts is canceled immediately; a refund is NOT provided for unused days.]

The price for membership is $59 every 4 Weeks

4-Week Burn & Build (Postnatal)
4-Week Burn & Build 1 (Beginner)
4-Week Burn & Build 2 (All levels)
4-Week Burn & Build 3 (All levels)
4-Week Burn & Build 4 (All levels)
4-Week Burn & Build 5 (All levels)
4-Week Cardio XT (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio XT2 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio XT3 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio XT4 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT2 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT3 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT4 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT5 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT6 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT7 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio Kick (Intermediate+)
Tone & Tighten/Core Strong – A La Carte
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