Fit & Fabulous Program

This program is for those who want additional motivation and accountability to turn healthy eating and exercise into long-term healthy habits in order to continue to lose weight, get stronger and feel... fit & fabulous!

$139 per Month

Ready-to-Go Program

This program is designed for self-motivated individuals looking for short, at-home workouts that will spike their METABOLISM, burn MORE calories in LESS time, and LOSE weight.

$59 per Month

1 Day WO Pass

Access to my FREE WOs for 1 day.

$1 per Day

Number of courses 0220
4-Week Burn & Build 1 (Beginner)
4-Week Burn & Build 2 (All levels)
4-Week Cardio XT (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT2 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Burn & Build 3 (All levels)
4-Week Tone XT3 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio XT2 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT4 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Burn & Build 4 (All levels)
4-Week Cardio XT3 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Cardio Kick (Intermediate+) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
4-Week Tone XT5 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT6 (Intermediate+) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
4-Week Burn & Build 5 (All levels) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
4-Week Cardio XT4 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Tone XT7 (Intermediate+) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
Tone & Tighten/Core Strong – A La Carte
4-Week Cardio XT5 (Intermediate+)
4-Week Burn & Build 6 (All levels) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
4-Week Cardio Kick 2 (Intermediate+) (shoulder-friendly, NO plank-style exercises)
Exercise Snacks