"Tannika’s programs have been great during COVID isolation! I am normally a 5 day a week gym goer, but stopped in March. I began with her 4 day FB challenge and haven’t looked back. Her daily support in working out and suggestions on diet have really helped! I am now on a mainly plant based diet and have lost 15 pounds and loss of one waist size! I really believe her programs help kick start my metabolism! Thanks T!"
Kurt P.
Templeton, CA (July 2020)
“I switched to home WOs after my gym closed due to Covid. I used to feed off others’ energy but now I’m motivated on my own to do your great WOs. And I’m seeing results! I’m feeling more toned all over when looking in the mirror and I’m doing more pushups. I even got a compliment about it from my neighbor!”
Christy M.
Monterey, CA (June 2020)
"It's really cool to have no/low impact workouts. I like it better than others I've done because usually the others spent most of their time doing the high impact and a minute showing the low option, which always had me trying to do more than my body was able. Yours was perfect."
Kerri B.
Capitola, CA (May 2020)
"Tannika recognizes our individual needs, strengths, and challenges, and develops fun and varied fitness programs. Her energy is contagious - come catch it!"
Jody F.
Live-aboard sailor, Mexico (April 2020)
"I am a 56-year old who still plays women’s soccer but can’t seem to motivate myself to workout consistently. Tannika took the time to listen to my struggles and tailored my workouts so they are short, yet beneficial. She's always positive, which helps when you start beating yourself up because you didn’t exercise or eat right!"
Felicia S.
Palm Springs, CA (April 2020)
"The workouts are challenging for me which is good. It’s usually hard for me to break a sweat. It was also easy knowing that I would be done in 30 min. Love your no fuss approach. And I'm already seeing results: nice shoulders and less joint pain. I can totally do this!"
Serena P.
Carlsbad, CA (April 2020))

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